Bezuidenhout’s Cannon (Durr 794)
October 1, 2010
Voortrekkers beleef
October 17, 2010

Starting the fun run

By: Gerrie de Vries, 17 October 2010
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Action on Blaauwberg Hill

On 2 October at 8 am a CAOSA Senior gunner, hoisted the red flag and set up the 1/4pdr amongst the Fynbos at the bottom of Blaauwberg Hill.

The gun is a replica of an English gun cast by the Caron Company in Falkirk Scotland, the same company which casts the Potjie pots.
At 9am the 1/4pdr fired with a loud bang and lots of smoke to start the 8,5km fun run, sending the participants running up and down Blaauwberg Hill.

The run was organized by The Friends of Blaauwberg Conservation Area and the resident Conservation staff.

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