The services offered by the Cannon Association of South Africa can be summarised as: 1) Historical research and recording of muzzle-loading ordnance 2) Restoration and carriage building 3) Model making 4) Training to become a Gunner 5) Technology / Science & metallurgy or ordnance 6) Re-enactments and social activities

Hire a Gunner & Cannon

The tradition of firing a salute with cannons is as old as cannon themselves. A while ago, a 41 gun salute was fired to celebrate the birth of George, son of Prince William and Kate.

If you would like to kick off your festival, race or celebrate a wedding, birthday or special event with firing of a cannon, then contact CAOSA at to hire a qualified CAOSA Gunner and cannon.

Training of Gunners

Would you like to be trained and qualify as a CAOSA Gunner?

Then become a member of our Association to find out more about the process and legal requirements from our Chief gunners and mentors, then contact CAOSA at

Cannon Research Projects

Documenting, researching, advice, manufacturing of cannon tools (To view) Click here.

For more information about these services contact CAOSA at

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