Cannon types and examples

  • 6.3-in RML Howitzers

    The British 6.3-inch 18 cwt RML was a typical howitzer. Compared to a gun, howitzers of those days had a shorter barrel and fired a heavier shell at shorter distances, at a lower muzzle velocity and with a higher trajectory.

    This enabled a howitzer to fire its projectiles into trenches and behind fortifications, something a normal gun with it flat trajectory could not achieve.
  • Swedish cannon

    Swedish cannon cast for the Dutch East India Company (VOC), now serving in Melkbosstrand as a memorial to the Battle of Blaauwberg
  • 9-inch Rifled Muzzle Loading Gun

    By 13/02/1896 the gun was mounted at "Upper North Battery", first fired in 1896, 27 full rounds and 1 reduced round.
    Fired in 1897, 38 full rounds, 8 blanks. (In September, 29 full rounds)
    Fired in 1898, 20 full rounds and 3 blanks.
    Fired in 1899, 26 full rounds and 7 blanks.
    Last fired 27/04/1903, 3 full rounds.