Committee and Gunners Board


Martin Venter



Nadine Sheffield



Martin Venter/ Nadine Sheffield

Joint Secretariat

Joint Secretariat

Theo Van Der Merwe

Webmaster/ Committee member 1

Frikkie Conradie

Committee Member 2

Gunners Board

Martin Venter


Erick Kellerman

Regional Offices

Dario Ermacora

Gauteng Province Representative

MC Heunis

Free state Province Representative

Basil Mills

Eastern Cape Province Representative

Sam Davies

Kwazulu Natal Province Representative


  • 1. Recorded 1012 muzzle loading cannons positioned in South Africa ( with more to go )
  • 2. Compiled a database of gun recognition specifications.
  • 3. Recovered 19 guns for restoration projects at the Castle and elsewhere.
  • 4. Published the Durr Record of Muzzle loading guns in South Africa
  • 5. Recovered 34 guns for placement at historical sites including:
  • . Tygerberg
    · Two guns at Kloof Neck
    · Dassen Island
    · Constantia Neck
    · Cannon Bridge in Maitland
    · Two guns at Lion Battery
    · Obtained three guns for restoration and placement at the Chavonne Battery Museum
    · Refurbished three 24 pdr s and one 36 pdr for Hout Bay East and West Forts
    · Obtained and refurbished one gun for the Voortrekker Monument.
    · Placed one gun at Melkbosstrand as a monument to the Battle of Blaauwberg.
    · Refurbished one gun for starting races at False Bay Yacht Club.
    · Replaced the old Signal Cannon in Worcester
    · Refurbished 6 pdr at Sir Lowry Pass Signal Station
    · Refurbished and placed a 8 pdr signal cannon at Hessequaskloof Signal Station
    · Refurbished a 6 pdr cannon for Riviersonderend Signal System
    · Refurbished and fired the 9 inch RML in Simon’s Town.
    · Refurbished and placed a 9 pdr SBML at Bloemendal Restaurant
    · Refurbished and placed the original 12 pdr for Tygerberg Nature Reserve Signal Station
    · Placed a 6 pdr at Brackenfel Nature Reserve.
    · Refurbished a 8 pdr at Bellevue Wine Estate
    · Refurbished two guns at Clovelly Country Club
    . Refurbished and placed two 4 pdr SBML at Bloemendal Restaurant
  • 6. Published specifications for the reporting and recording of cannon.
  • 7. Built 31 carriages for guns
  • 8. Restored and painted 33 guns at public places.
  • 9. Identified and classified cannon for 9 museums.
  • 10. Manufactured replica loading equipment to service guns.
  • 11. Advised architects involved on restoration projects.
  • 12. Published a safety procedure and standard for firing blanks in cannon.
  • 13.Published the first ever Muzzle Loading Cannon Training manual in South Africa.
  • 14.Trained and certified several gunners to the highest international standards.
  • 15.Fired many cannons at public and charity events with up to 1200 spectators.
  • 16.Published 54 issues of a free cannon newsletter.

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