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Nadine Sheffield


James Page-Macdonald


Martin Venter

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Theo Van Der Merwe

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Gunners Board

Martin Venter


Erick Kellerman

Regional Offices

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Eastern Cape

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Kwazulu Natal


  • 1. Recorded 1012 muzzle loading cannons positioned in South Africa ( with more to go )
  • 2. Compiled a database of gun recognition specifications.
  • 3. Recovered 19 guns for restoration projects at the Castle and elsewhere.
  • 4. Published the Durr Record of Muzzle loading guns in South Africa
  • 5. Recovered 34 guns for placement at historical sites including:
  • . Tygerberg
    · Two guns at Kloof Neck
    · Dassen Island
    · Constantia Neck
    · Cannon Bridge in Maitland
    · Two guns at Lion Battery
    · Obtained three guns for restoration and placement at the Chavonne Battery Museum
    · Refurbished three 24 pdr s and one 36 pdr for Hout Bay East and West Forts
    · Obtained and refurbished one gun for the Voortrekker Monument.
    · Placed one gun at Melkbosstrand as a monument to the Battle of Blaauwberg.
    · Refurbished one gun for starting races at False Bay Yacht Club.
    · Replaced the old Signal Cannon in Worcester
    · Refurbished 6 pdr at Sir Lowry Pass Signal Station
    · Refurbished and placed a 8 pdr signal cannon at Hessequaskloof Signal Station
    · Refurbished a 6 pdr cannon for Riviersonderend Signal System
    · Refurbished and fired the 9 inch RML in Simon’s Town.
    · Refurbished and placed a 9 pdr SBML at Bloemendal Restaurant
    · Refurbished and placed the original 12 pdr for Tygerberg Nature Reserve Signal Station
    · Placed a 6 pdr at Brackenfel Nature Reserve.
    · Refurbished a 8 pdr at Bellevue Wine Estate
    · Refurbished two guns at Clovelly Country Club
    . Refurbished and placed two 4 pdr SBML at Bloemendal Restaurant
  • 6. Published specifications for the reporting and recording of cannon.
  • 7. Built 31 carriages for guns
  • 8. Restored and painted 33 guns at public places.
  • 9. Identified and classified cannon for 9 museums.
  • 10. Manufactured replica loading equipment to service guns.
  • 11. Advised architects involved on restoration projects.
  • 12. Published a safety procedure and standard for firing blanks in cannon.
  • 13.Published the first ever Muzzle Loading Cannon Training manual in South Africa.
  • 14.Trained and certified several gunners to the highest international standards.
  • 15.Fired many cannons at public and charity events with up to 1200 spectators.
  • 16.Published 54 issues of a free cannon newsletter.

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