Bloemendal Cannon Station 14 March 2015


I joined an orchestra ……..Iʼam now blowing our own trumpet !!!

Look at these cannons:

Bloem 2 March 15 Bloem 1 March

B March 15

Oiled, painted, plugged, holding area clean, they witnessed yet another wedding on Saturday

14 March 2015.   These old cannons have lost count of the number of weddings they have been part of.

Members of the orchestra:

Master painter: Jürg who keeps the barrels shiny.

Chief soaker: I enjoy soaking the woodwork with Linseed oil. That is the easy and fun part !

Senior Financial Officer: Jacobusʼs financial backing, supplying loading tools, and moral support.

Thanks guys.

Erick Kellerman

Bloemendal Cannon Station


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