Battle of Blaauwberg 1806 Commemoration at the Castle of Good Hope on 10 January 2015

The Cannon Association of South Africa assembled a team of Gunners and muzzle loader cannons at the Castle of Good Hope on Saturday 10 January 2015 to commemorate the Battle of Blaauwberg 1806.
Also present was Willem Steenkamp who wrote a book about:
Why a small multiracial force of Cape-born soldiers – whites, coloureds and Malays – resisted at the Battle of Blaauwberg in 1806.The intriguing question that launched author Willem Steenkamp’s research back to 150 years before Jan van Riebeeck landed in 1652, and involved examining the Social as well as the Military history of the Cape.
The book ” Assegais, Drums and Dragoons” answers this question.
For more information about the book log on to: Assegais, Drums and Dragoons

To view some video’s of the event go to Battle of Blaauwberg 1806 Commemoration in 2015


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